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Gardiner | Sparrow Road
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77622 Hwy 101 (Sparrow Park Road), Gardiner, OR 97441 (GPS - 43.752898, -124.126278)

Just north of Reedsport, at Hwy 101′s milepost 207, don’t miss this easygoing gravel road leading onto Siuslaw National Forest land (also part of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area) Sparrow Park Road.

The road ends after 4 miles at a private beach access, where endless recreation amongst surf, sand, and dunes await.

Sparrow Park Road is located 1.5 miles north of Gardiner (2.1 miles North, from Tsunami Gallery).

The fishing is excellent for redtail surfperch and striped bass and the beach south to the North Jetty is a productive location to dig for razor clams.

R/Vs and trailers should avoid the long narrow and winding road to the beach. There is a turn around at the end of the road, but the only parking available is on the beach.

Motor vehicles are only allowed to travel on the beach south to the north jetty; however, motor vehicles are allowed access through the sand dunes to the west shore of Umpqua Bay on Clam Bed Road.

Local fishermen use ATVs to access the beach south to the North Jetty to fish this hotspot for redtail surfperch and striped bass.

NOTE: The Local Law enforcement (Forest Dept.) are friendly. But prefer you do not park along the road in a way that is blocking or inconvenience for others. Many ATVs are carried on trailers on this road, and need wide spaces. Please park as far as possible off the roadway.

Larger RVs, must not go beyond the first turn-around without advance toad check for the second space to park. That space is not very level but could accommodate a 40+ rig. If you have a shorter less than 25 ft. rig, and your brave, you could get 2+ miles in, and have very remote camping (FREE), and awesome. Even braver, you can get to the beach.

Need just an overnight or two, then stay in the first 1/4 mile, parking off the roadway there is space for 3 larger or several smaller rigs.

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  •  Marileen: 

    This 4 mile road was more then our 41 ft motor coach could handle. We drove most of the dirt/gravel road which was a good road for awhile, then it was full of pot holes and we didn’t want to shake and rattle our home to pieces.

    We Boondocked on this road for most of a week and no one bothered us. The only draw back was all the dust from cars driving by, otherwise it was a nice spot.

    It was a shame to see all the damage done by our local loggers. Also a shame to see all the roads they close so we can’t have access.

    There is a sign when you enter the road “Please don’t litter”, well seems to me that the destruction done to the land by loggers is a bit of no respect for the forests. Who is littering?

    But in spite of it all we saw a bobcat, which was a real treat.

     1199 days ago 
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Address 177622 Hwy 101
Zip/Postal Code97441
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