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This 4 mile road was more then our 41 ft motor coach could handle. We drove most of the dirt/gravel road which was a good road for awhile, then it was full of pot holes and we didn’t want to shake and rattle our home to pieces. We Boondocked on this road for most of a week and no one bothered us. Th…
Posted in Listing Gardiner | Sparrow Road
1195 days ago · From Marileen
July 2015 We parked overnight in our Motorcoach with no hassles and good verizon reception.
1195 days ago · From Marileen
July 2015Such a nice place to stay. We stayed in a 41 1/2 ft Motorcoach. Verizon reception is almost nonexistent. The people were very nice and had a good attitude. The weather was nice for summer, better then Arizona, but anything beats Arizona! So nice to use your own washer/dryer and dishwasher. …
1195 days ago · From Marileen
This is a very nice casino.  Unfortunately no good reception with Verizon.
Posted in Listing Florence | Three Rivers Casino
1195 days ago · From Marileen
To the left of the ranger station, has sewer hookups in many of the sites, but during the rainy season, it is very muddy. This section NOT recommended for RV’s over 30′.
1195 days ago · From Marileen
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